Sherlock Holmes Chapter One- Ghosts Of The Past Mind Palace Clues

Sherlock Holmes Chapter OneIn Sherlock Holmes Chapter One, we have learned that the Mind Palace is a place where Sherlock keeps all the important evidence or keywords that connect the dots of the case. As we keep on gathering the evidence, the important notes keep on adding in the Mind Palace that can be accessed at any given time to deduce and reveal the clues. In this guide we have listed all the important evidence and clues that will be used in Mind Palace to connect and reveal all the connection.

Ghosts Of The Past Mind Palace Clues At Sherlock Holmes Chapter One

The connected clues will often lead to the revealation of the case. In the first case, “Ghosts Of The Past”, has two prime suspect and everything depends on what clues and evidence you have gathered to convince you and announce who is the real culprit of Lady Craven’s murder.

  • The courtyard witness (Lady Craven faced the window —–> The lady pointed across the table)
  • Luka and Emma could have met before (The moth pin —–> The moth ring)
  • Emma had a history of deceit (The thief framed the servants —–> Emma was stealing from Lord Craven)
  • The murderer left the diamond / Lord Craven caught Emma with the stone (The diamond was beside Emma —–> Seance theft)
  • Lord Craven can’t control his temper (Lord Craven punched the medium —–> Compensation for abuse)
  • Lord Craven had time to kill Emma / A window of opportunity (Lord Craven spent time at the bar —–> Lord Craven was in the room with Emma)
  • Emma scratched Luka (Fresh Scratches —–> Emma was strangled)
  • Luka could easily pick the lock (The lock can be easily picked —–> Luka and Lord Craven were neighbors)

Sherlock Holmes Chapter OneMind Palace

The image above is the complete Mind Palace chart for Ghost Of The Past. From either of these, you will only have to choose and find the culprit. Both had motives but according to the evidence, you will need to justify your actions and provide justice.

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