Sherlock Holmes Chapter One- Eavesdropping Maid To Learn Keywords

Sherlock Holmes Chapter OneIn Sherlock Holmes Chapter One, the very first case “Ghosts Of The Past” is a great beginning to showcase the deduction skill of the infamous Sherlock Holmes. The case of missing diamond from the Seance Room after learning that the commotion was made due to the appearance of the ghost. As a man of science and fact, nothing hides from the Observation skills of Mr. Holmes. After recreating the scene to collect the evidence, you will find 2 maids eavesdropping in Room no. 226. The keywords that you need to Keep and Discard is compiled in this guide.

Eavesdropping Maid To Learn Keywords In Sherlock Holmes Chapter One

You can’t keep on thinking about which keywords to keep and what you need to discard as there is a time limit that will be visible on the top white bar.

This bar will keep on decreasing at its own pace and once you learn the correct keyword it will briefly pause for a moment. If you guess the wrong keyword, the timer will deplete fast and once the timer ends, you will have to wait and listen to their whisper again. So, here is the list of keywords that you need to discard and keep.


  • The chef steals food
  • Lots of guests this summer
  • Prices rising again
  • Son’s bad acquaintances


  • Made her husband drunk
  • Was on the lookout
  • Cannot use a fish knife

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