Sherlock Holmes Chapter One- All Key Evidence Inspecting Mr. Ghalichi

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One’s first intro story “Ghost Of The Past” is at the climax as we learned that Lady Craven has died and there is a link that connects Lady Craven to Mr. Ghalichi. The suspects of Lady Craven murder are 2 i.e. Lord Craven and Mr. Ghalichi. While inspecting Mr. Ghalichi there are 5 key shreds of evidence that we need to find and all these are mentioned in this post.

All Key Evidence Inspecting Mr. Ghalichi In Sherlock Holmes Chapter One

After entering room no 225, you can talk and observe Mr. Ghalichi who will be present in his room. Once you observe, there are 5 key evidences that you need to find in order to complete his character portrait or learn his biodata. The evidence can be found straight forward but somehow we face difficulty and tend to miss the important clues. Therefore all the 5 evidence required is mentioned below:

  • Neck: Used a lot of make-up
  • Nose: Took a heavy blow
  • Fingers: Trained in sleight of hand
  • Stomach: Skinny, seems malnourished
  • Wrist: Fresh Scrapes, slightly bleeding

After finding all the clues, you will be allowed to create his Portrait and link all the evidence that is noted inside the Mind Palace. After connecting all the clues, decide whether to punish or allow Lord Craven or Mr. Ghalichi to flee from the vicinity.

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