AC Valhalla Investigate Kalf Fate All Clue Location & Find Kalf Camp

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AC Valhalla is an action role-playing game developed by Ubisoft Montreal, Ubisoft San Francisco. As the Oskoreia festival update is here, players are able to find new quests in their settlement. One such quest you will find about a person called Kalf “An Honorable Death” whose story you need to find out by investigating the clues. The quest starts with you examining Gudmund’s ship of the dead and then find a wounded man under the bridge. After that, you need to head over to the Kalf’s camp that will be near the cliff and interact with the smoke to reveal the story of Kalf’s that you need to investigate.

AC Valhalla Investigate Kalf’s Fate All Clues Location

The place on the cliff where you interact with the smoke, there you need to examine the campfire. Then head straight and jump down the cliff. Then keep going down towards the river and once you reach near the river, use your Odin sight to show you the point of interest to examine. There you will find another campfire that you need to examine to know more about the tale.

From there you need to jump into the water and go towards the right side where you will find planks floating above the water. Dive into the water to find a broken ship and use your Odin sight to find the place to examine. Then go to the other side of the river and use your Odin sight to find another camp where you need to investigate for the final clue to know about the Kalf story on how he saved his people.

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