Genshin Impact- How To Set up Dreambloom Request

Genshin ImpactThe Dreams Of Bloom in Genshin Impact is a time-limited event where players can claim rewards for completing or achieving the milestone shown in the Reward Preview. The last mission or quest to claim the reward will be to set up 1 Dreambloom Request. To learn how to set up 1 Dreambloom Request, we have explained all the information on how to set up and plant the Dreambloom seeds to harvest the Dreamblooms.

How To Setup Dreambloom Request For Genshin Impact

Hover back at Events Overview and in the Dreams Of Bloom. Click or select the “Exchange Dreamblooms”, further select Receive, and set up a Wishlist of Dreambloom that you require from your friend. Now, your friend can send gifts if they have the required or listed Dreamblooms in their inventory.

Whether you receive Dreambloom or not from your friend, there is one assurity that the listed reward can be claimed from the Reward Preview. Grow Dreamblooms in the Serenitea Pot, and harvest them. Exchange or gift your friends a few Dreamblooms that they are missing to complete the whole set as the species of flowers bloomed are random.

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