Genshin Impact- How To Plant And Get Dreambloom Seed

Genshin Impact

In Genshin Impact, the new event Dreams Of Bloom is ticking where the Inazuman florist Sakuya wants to promote her shop “Sakuya’s Flowers”. The quest requires you to plant and grow their own flowers and create your unique garden. The problem is how to do it and the event timer is going down. So, we have compiled every information about the Event to complete “Dreams Of Bloom”.

How To Plant And Get Dreambloom Seed For Genshin Impact

Talk to Sakuya and ask her about the flowers… to exchange required materials. Remember that per day the number of daily exchanges is limited. During an exchange, you will obtain multiple seeds and the flowers grown are random.

To plant and grow your flowers, we have the seed. Next, we need a piece of land where the Gadget “Serenitea Pot” will be used. If you have not obtained Serenitea Pot yet, then complete the Archon Quest, Chapter 1 Act 3: A New Star Approaches, “A Teapot To Call Home”.

Use the gadget at any location and enter the Serenitea Pot. Create a 2×2 landform where you can plant seeds and wait for them to bloom in order to harvest them. Collect the flowers and check the Reward Preview to claim the rewards.

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