Forza Horizon 5 Goliath AFK Glitch Trick How To Earn Quick XP & Credits

forza horizon 5

Forza Horizon 5 is an open-world multiplayer racing game developed by Playground Games. In this game, XP and Credits are the two most important things to collect, because after level up you get wheelspin with random rewards, and credits can be used to buy houses and new cars. There is afk trick in this game where you can farm an enormous amount of XP and Credits.

Forza Horizon 5 Goliath Glitch AFK  XP & Credits Farm Trick

Goliath is the final racing event of Horizon Festival Mexico and it is quite a long one. If your car has a maximum speed of 150-170 MPH then it will take you around 14 minutes to complete the race in 1 lap. Once you complete this race, you will be able to race again and you can create your own Goliath event or join a community race event where you can set the lap to 4-5 for small AFK runs or 40-50 for long 8-9 hours AFK run. Now go to your difficulty settings and use the same setting as shown in the image below.

By using the above setting you just have to press the acceleration button and the car will automatically steer and brake for you when needed. Make sure the top speed of your vehicle remains under 200MPH or the car has better handling so that the AI can make turns easily. If you are using an Xbox controller even if you used a rubberband to press and hold the R2 button the controller will turn off automatically after 15mins.

So you might use the controller using a cable that should be connected to your console or your PC so that the controllers don’t get turned off during the AFK run. You can also plug in an earphone to the controller for the extra measure so that the controller doesn’t shut down automatically. If you are playing on PC you can just use any key for acceleration that can be kept pressed using any object. Now using the above trick you will be able to gain huge XP and Credits. I tried the above trick for only 5 laps and after completing the race in 12th position, I got around 18 levels and 400k credits in just 1 hour. You will also get wheelspin after each leveling up.

Note:  You can remove AI in the event setting page,  choose the max number of Drivatars to 0. You can just check how much time your car takes for 1 lap and according set the number of laps for the AFK run. Your car needs to have the best handling, braking, and acceleration to not let your car go off-road.

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