Prison Simulator- Passcode For The Secret Passage In Morgue

In Prison Simulator following the main story “White business”, you found that there are drugs packed in the body bags which were smuggled from the prison. The personal investigation leads you that the Warden is involved in the smuggling of drugs. After careful planning and evidence collection, you learn that there is a secret passage in the morgue after hacking Warden’s computer ID. Few of us have skipped the image and didn’t check the layout that hindered the progress and players are stuck in this area. Even if they have found the passage, it requires a specific code to open the secret route and for that, we have compiled all the information in this guide.

Passcode For The Secret Passage In Morgue For Prison Simulator

In the morgue, you will notice that it is empty. However, the secret passage in the morgue can be opened if you find where the keypad i.e. controlling the door is. The image shown below shows a poster of safety rules that need to be followed in Morgue. Behind the poster, you will find the keypad that requires 4 digit code to open the secret passage.

Prison Simulator

The code for the keypad is 1111. Enter the passage and collect the evidence stealthily. Make sure that your Respect against Prison Guards is high enough to let the guards accept your request to Turn Blind Eye when you are caught. Take a picture and the drug sample to collect the evidence and further follow the updated objective.

It is recommended to increase the Respect in the prison as mostly everything will be sorted out and makes things easier for you during any bust. For more guides on Prison Simulator, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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