AC Valhalla All 4 Tombs Location In Tombs Of The Fallen Update

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AC Valhalla is an action role-playing game developed by Ubisoft Montreal, Ubisoft San Francisco. In the latest update, four new tombs have been added to the game that you need to locate. These tombs are filled with puzzles that you need to clear in order to get a fallen armor set. 

To start the mission you need to unlock the Raventhrospe settlement, there you will find the strangers near the river with whom you need to interact. After that, you will get the first tomb and you need have to find the remaining three. Below you will find the location of all four tombs that you can complete and obtain the full fallen armor set.

AC Valhalla All 4 Tomb Location

If you are not able to locate the ruin with the help of the image, do check out the video. It doesn’t matter in which order you find the location of the ruin, you need to just visit the ruins and interact with them.

1st Tomb Location

The first tomb is located just near your settlement, jump from the edge of the river and opposite side you will find the first rune.

2nd Tomb Location

The second tomb can be found on the northeast side of Brisleah farm and on the left side of the Elemham. Once you reach the location shown in the above image, lookout for a big rock, and behind it you will find the ruin to open the dungeon.

3rd Tomb Location

The third tomb will be located on the east side of the Afon Hafren River as shown in the above image, once you reach the location shown above, look for the ruin at the bottom of the cliff to open the dungeon, complete it and obtain the reward.

4th  Tomb Location

The final tomb will be located near the Fast travel of Anlaf Lookout, just in front of the house, you need to slide down a bit, and on the right side, you will find the ruin.

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