Prison Simulator- How To Use Whistle To Stop Prisoners Fight

In Prison Simulator, there are multiple prisoners who are inside prison for various reasons and each of them has a different personality or patience level such as Aggressive, Neutral, or Gentle. Aggressive prisoners tend to fight more with other inmates and to break the fight, prison guards need to resort to violence. However, there is a perk or skill “Last Warning” that allows or has a 30% chance to stop prisoners from doing any mischievous things or fighting. The question is how to get that whistle and use it and in this guide, we will specially cover that up.

How To Use Whistle To Stop Prisoners Fight In Prison Simulator

We tried searching Whistle in the weapon wheel or at the computer in Warden’s Office in hope of purchasing if it is listed. However, it will be available to you and can be used if pressed “Tab” to open the command wheel menu where you rally or command them to follow. On the top command wheel as shown in the image below is where the whistle would be present.

Use the whistle to break the fight or stop them from any other misconduct. Its working percentage is 30% but somehow it works especially well on those who have higher respect towards you. It might be the luckiest RNG or the working percentage increases as you have higher respect percentage. If you are a pacifist then you will always develop a habit or practice of using the whistle.

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