Prison Simulator- How To Increase Speed Stat

In Prison Simulator we learned there are 4 stats and that includes Speed stat which will for obvious reason increase the sprinting speed. Due to the fact, we learned to increase Stamina at an early stage or from Day 1 makes us curious when we look at other stats. Being an officer of a big Prison, it is necessary to strengthen personal attributes or stats as there are criminals all around you who will jump at you whenever they will get the chance. So, in this guide, we have explained the type of task that you will have to do to increase the speed stats.

How To Increase Speed Stat In Prison Simulator

During Day 5 inside the Search Room after completing the first mission, during Free Time you can exit from the back door instead of the front door where a new box indicator will be shown. Advance all the way to reach the spot where an officer “Clarence Merritt” will be waiting for you to give you a task that will increase 1 Speed Stat similar to as we have been grinding Stamina.

The task to increase the movement speed would be to deliver the package to the marked officer at a given time. You will simply need to reach the marker and talk to the officer which will complete the goal. As your difficulty will increase the number of officers you need to talk to or deliver the package will increase. Complete the task every day during Free Time whenever its marker is visible. From Prison Yard, you can look at the officer patrolling nearby so whenever the task pops up.

Stamina can be increased without any condition of accepting tasks so after a certain stage focus on other stats as they are available for a day. For more guides on Prison Simulator, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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