Prison Simulator- How And Where To Get 10 Cookies (Cookie Monster)

In Prison Simulator, one of the side quests involves you collecting 10 Cookies i.e. “Cookie Monster”. This quest is not available unless you have gained Respect from the Prisoners. As you keep on gaining respect from the Prisoners, favors or underhand deals will be possible. The side quest Cookie Monster is obtained from one of the prisoners. To find Cookie or learn how to obtain cookies, this guide might prove to be useful.

How And Where To Get 10 Cookies In Prison Simulator

According to the side quest, we need to find cookies and not less than 10. This item cannot be purchased from the vending machine. However, the cookies can be found when you search the prisoners or their cells. They do have legal and illegal contraband, and taking cookies will decrease the respect but it is also a rare item.

These cookies can be bought off from the prisoners if the Lvl 1 Active skill “Trust” is obtained or learned in the Guard’s Office. This is one of the early active skill, so there’s no need to check whether you have unlocked it or not. Make sure to check all the prisoners daily, if you want to collect cookies fast. During morning or evening routine check the prisoners and their cells to find any cookies. Later at Prison Yard try to search the prisoners during Free Time.

Once you have collected the required cookies, deliver it to the prisoner who requested you for the cookie. Earn and keep on gaining respects from the prisoner to increase your Prison Rank and gain more side quests. For more guides on Prison Simulator, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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