Prison Simulator- How To Increase Stamina And Reference Of John Wick

Prison SimulaorIn Prison Simulator all the activities such as running, fighting to involve stamina, and to remain always ready to jump into the action at any given time one needs to increase their Stamina. It is not related to the Experience, so it will not be improved if you level up or keep running and tiring yourself out. Instead, there is another process to build up your Stamina which is explained in this guide along with the identity of the new officer who was compared to the infamous John Week.

How To Increase Stamina At Prison Simulator

At Prison Yard, you will notice a workout machine to lift weights at the corner. During your Free time, you can work out and it is recommended due to the fact that it increases your Stamina. Even during the task where prisoners are allowed to enjoy Prison Yard, you can sneak and quick workout before watching them committing any illegal activities.

Be aware that during this moment, you can be attacked by the prisoners, so it might be risky if you are playing at high difficulty. During workout press, Left and Right key at sequence separately to build up the bar to lift weights. Once it’s filled up, stop pressing the key and repeat the process for a specific time. Each time your stamina is improved the next workout rep will be increased. So, build up your Stamina to the max and run without worrying about it.

Who Was John Week Or The New Officer Who Stopped The Riot In Prison

If we have played Prison Simulator: Prologue, then we were given pretty desperate scenarios that can happen in prison and the most action-based event was a riot. We had to complete all the objectives and secure all the prisoners. In the main game, when you talk to the guard “Richard Bryant”, he will speak about the previous riot and how it was resolved single-handedly comparing the prologue protagonist to the action movie John Week (Wick).

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