Prison Simulator- How To Increase Respect From Prisoners And Guards

In Prison Simulator prisoners as wells as guards have separate respect value bars that can be seen when you point at them to display the details. Above Your Money, you will find average Respect earned in the Prison from all individuals present at both Prison Guards and Prisoners. There are multiple ways to increase the reputation and there are a few fastest ways that will be learned when you will complete reading this post.

How To Increase Respect From Prisoners And Guards In Prison Simulator

Prison Guards Respect

Respect is earned slowly and the fastest way to earn respect from Prisoner Guards is to confiscate illegal contrabands. The prisoner who was involved in fighting the need to be punished in order to maintain peace and that also increase Prison Guards Respect. Clean weapons or work out, or shoot each activity increase the respect from both Prisoners and Prison Guards side which is also the fastest way to earn respect. Increasing Prison Guards respect is quite easy compared to Prisoners respect if you are not a crooked guard.

Prisoners Respect

To increase Prisoner Respect there are few dialogues when you find any illegal contrabands, you will have choices to make that allow you to either Secure or give a blind eye. Ignore the illegal stuff which will increase Respect towards you in the eyes of a prisoner who is in a questionable state.

Even there is legal contraband, you can opt to Leave to increase some respect. Complete tasks assigned and accepted from prisoners for a few extra bucks will also increase your Respect. Leave illegal contrabands in the parcel and place the box in the checked section.

Once you complete the task or objective, you will be notified how much you have earned money and respect from Prisoners and Prison Guards which helps track and re-evaluate your actions. Even working out or performing other activities such as shooting and cleaning increases both Prisoner’s and Prison Guards rep.

At Workshop let a few prisoners slack their work to increase your Rep. This also decreases the chance of starting a riot in prison as everything will be order still the chances will never go down to 0. The fastest way will still be searching cells and leaving the illegal contraband instead of taking or securing it. For more guides on Prison Simulator, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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