New World- Outpost Rush Complete Guide And All Building Resources

New WorldIn New World, the most awaited PvP is live, and only the most experienced players can join the mode. The highest level players i.e. Lvl 60 players are eligible to play against each other and compare their skills. It can be played Solo or with Party i.e. up to 5 players. At Outpost Rush there are objectives and features that allow you to capture and defend the outposts. In this guide, we have explained all you need to know about the Outpost Rush and how to strengthen the outpost.

Outpost Rush Complete Guide And All Building Resources In New World

The total number of players that can play Outpost Rush on a map is 40 players i.e. divided into 20 each who all are competing to outplay the opponents and reach 1000 points quickly. Outpost Rush can be joined from any outpost at a nearby settlement.

Once you are inside the new island “Nauthynos”, each team will spawn at their fort and capture three Outposts i.e. Luna, Sol, Astra (Moon, Sun, Star). On the right side on top, you will notice the Azoth Essence, Wood, Ore, and Rawhide resources listed that are used to fortify and strengthen your team.

To build Protection Ward, Rawhide and Ore are required. Similarly, to build a Repeater Turret, Wood and Rawhide are required. Finally, building Outpost Gate requires Wood and Ore. At Armory, Azoth Essence can be used to purchase buffs or summons that are pretty handy.

You can share the resources by depositing them in storage. Remember if the Outpost is captured by other teams, the stored resources will be left in that Outpost which they will own. These resources can be farmed and starting from Infused Wood, they can be obtained from Infused Sapling.

Infused Ore can be obtained from Infused Ore Vein. Rawhide can be obtained from animals. Azoth Essence can be collected by defeating mobs. Even defeating players they drop resources that are recommended to collect and store them at your base.

Key Location

Baroness Hain can freeze or lock the progress of the enemy team for 3 minutes therefore, your team needs to defeat or deal a final blow to the frozen ghost that spawns and has a cooldown of 10 minutes after kill. Additional to that you can gain defensive buff and health regen for 3 minutes as well.

At Nauthynos Corrupted Portal, you will be able to obtain a Corrupted Brute Summoning Stone in exchange for 500 Azoth Essence to summon a Corrupted Brute. These Corrupted Brutes can absolutely bring chaos if summoned at enemy Outposts.

There are Summoning Circles that are placed in strategic locations which are used to summon beasts if you hold a summoning stone. There are 3 types of Summoning Stone i.e.

  • Ursine Summoning Stone (exchange 125 Azoth Essence at Armory): Summon Guardian Bear that can guard Outpost or seige Outpost Gates.
  • Wraith Summoning Stone (drops from killing ogres Ug and Dug at mines): Summon Wraith that can kill enemy players with powerful swipes.
  • Brute Summoning Stone (exchange 500 Azoth Essence at Corrupted Portal): Summon Corrupted Brute that can kill players and seige Outpost structures.

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