New World- Coin Transfer Disabled And When Will It Be Fixed?

New World

In New World, there was a minor glitch or bug going around that allowed players to duplicate coins, wealth as well as items. The devs have finally taken an action and they are investigating and fixing the issue which will be fixed on the next patch perhaps. However, those players account who have enjoyed the benefit of the duplication will be penalized accordingly.

Coin Transfer Disabled And When Will It Be Fixed At New World

Due to the gold and item duplication, it will affect the authenticity of the game and user experience, so the devs have reacted quickly and they are working on a fix. Currently, these features are disabled in New World as per the forum community Manager “Luxendra”.

  • Sending Currency
  • Guild Treasury
  • Trading Post and Market
  • Player to Player Trading

When the fix will be launched it is not clear as they are thoroughly inspecting existing and possible future bugs. You can stay updated by checking here on the forum, however, those who have enjoyed the exploit will have their account reverted back and all their gains will be taken back. They might get a ban after learning to what extent the exploit was abused per individual or player.

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