Moonglow Bay Library Repair, Open The Ocean Door & Catch Jungle King

Moonglow Bay is an adventure game with fishing and cooking features developed by Bunnyhug Limited. The main objective of the game is to renovate the town, start your fishing business and catch various different types of fish.

As you keep progressing in the game, you will meet with the mayor and Lily Trembly who will be the future mayor. They will ask you to renovate three buildings which are the harbor, the clock tower, and the library. Renovating the library can be a bit difficult as it will cost you 5000 shells.

Before trying to open the ocean door, you need to first catch the jungle king that will be one of your main quests and bring it back to Reese to obtain the Dinghy. After getting the Dinghy and renovating the library you will be able to open the ocean door.

Moonglow Bay How To Catch Jungle King

The jungle king is also known as the Lionhead Bass, which are large in size. It can be quite difficult to catch one and you might need a lot of tries before you can do it. To catch the jungle king, you will need the high-quality bait that you can get from the market. You can swap your 5 normal baits to get one high-quality bait. Then visit the perching Isles and use the poise rod. You need to use the spinner lure and fish in the deep water to catch the jungle king. Once you have caught one head back to Reese and swap the jungle king with a dinghy.

Moonglow Bay How To Open The Ocean Door

To open the ocean door, you need to first obtain the key. To obtain the key you need to renovate the library, clock tower, and the pier near the aquarium. Once you have renovated these buildings, head over to the library to find out the location of the ocean door key.

Once you find the location it will be marked on your map, head over to the area which will be on the left side of Open Chill. There use your dinghy to reach the location and use your fishing rod to obtain the door key.

Now head over to the hot spring entrance and navigate your way towards the other side of the door. You can only open the ocean door from the other side.

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