Crab Game Keyboard Controls How To Jump Far, Slide, Tips & Speed Run

crab game

Crab game is a first-person multiplayer game that features 9 different mini-game inspired by the squid game developed by Dani. To compete in these 9 different game modes, you need to understand the rules first. You can check out our previous guide on a list of all game modes and how to play them. Apart from that, you need to know how to slide, jump far away and speed run that you can find in the guide below.

Crab Game How To Slide, Speed Run, Jump Far & Tips

Sliding and jumping far will be required in some stages as without that you won’t be able to win. In the game where you need to keep the hat for as long as you can to score maximum points, there are some blocks under which you can slide to escape from other players. To slide you need to run by pressing shift and then press the crouch button.

To cover maximum distance and speed run from other players you need to use the strafe technique. If you are familiar with it, you use it while bunny hopping in any FPS game. To strafe jump in an FPS game, you need to press the W+A or W+D while sprinting+jumping to cover the maximum distance and escape other players.

There are two types of jumps in this game, the normal jump+W, and the far jump Shift+jump+W. While crossing the ice path, rock path, or glass window, you need to use these two types of jumps to reach the other platform. If you are jumping on the platform in front of you, do the normal jump to reach. If you jumping on the diagonal platform use the far jump to easily reach without falling down in the water.

Crab Game Keyboard Controls

  • W – Move Forward
  • A – Move Left
  • S – Move Backward
  • D – Move Right
  • Left Mouse – Attack
  • E – Interact
  • Space – Jump
  • Shift – Sprint/ Run
  • V – Use Microphone
  • C – Crouch

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