Crab Game All Game Mode List How To Play & Win All Game Easily

crab game

Crab game is a first-person multiplayer game that features 9 different mini-game inspired by the squid game developed by Dani. There will be 40 players maximum in a room and compete against themselves in 9 different games, the last surviving player will be the winner. Below you will find how to play these 9 different games and the list of game modes.

Crab Game All Games Modes List & How To Play

Glass Window / Ice / Rock Path

In this game, you need to cross the glass, ice, or rock platform to reach the other side. There is no serial number on which players need to go first. So most of the players will be waiting as to who will go first. One of the platforms will be crooked and will break as soon as you step on them. You can push other players onto the platform by pressing the attack button. If none of the players reaches the other platform within 2 minutes, everyone will get eliminated.

Lights Off

This game mode in crab game is just like squid game lights out where players have weapons in the rest area and the light will be turned off. You need to form a team and defend yourself against other players. The light will flicker for once showing where the other players are. At the end of the time limit, the players who are alive will be advanced to the next game.

Fish Game

This game is just like the green light red light that came from the squid game. You need to run while the statue isn’t looking and stay still when it turn and look at you. By using this method you need to reach the finish line within the stipulated time to win the game.

Pass The Stick / Bomb

In this game mode, you need to pass the stick or bomb to other players using the attack button. You need to tag them by pressing the left mouse button to pass the stick or bomb. In pass the stick game at the end of the time, the players who are holding the stick will be eliminated. In pass the bomb game, the players who are holding the bomb will explode after a few seconds if they are not able to pass it.

The Floor Is Lava

You need to jump across ice and rock platforms and stay on them until the timer runs out. The ice and rock platform will break and you need to switch platforms according to that. Before breaking they will start to shake and dissolve so you need to keep an eye on which platform is breaking.

Hold The Hat

In this game you need to hold the hat to obtain a score, the players with low scores will be eliminated. If you are holding a hat, your screen will glow golden. You need to hit other players who are wearing a hat to steal the hat from them. Similarly, if any other player tags you while you are holding the hat, they will steal your hat.

Hide & Seek

Few killers will be chosen while others will be termed as survivors depending on the number of players alive in the game. Survivors need to hide from the killers until the time runs out. Killers need to attack the survivor and eliminate them. Once a killer eliminates the survivor, the killer will turn into the survivor.

King Of The Hill

On the top part of the blocks will be the golden dome shield, you need to stand on the top inside the shield to increase your score. All the players will be given a baseball bat to attack others. If you get hit by other players, you will be bounced back and fall from the top. The players with low scores will be eliminated. You can’t bounce while climbing a ladder.

Paint The Tiles

You will be divided into a group of four where you need to touch the tiles to change their color according to your team’s color. Once the time ends the team with the least colored tiles will be eliminated.

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