Age Of Empire 4 Tips & Tricks For Beginners & New Online Players

age of empire 4

Age Of Empire 4 is an RTS ( Real-Time Strategy) game developed by Relic Entertainment, World’s Edge, World’s Edge. If you are an old gamer, you must have already played AOE 2 or other similar RTS games. If you are new to this game, you will find some tips that will help you understand the game much better and helo you win against your opponent easily. There are 8 factions available in this game and you need to choose one before starting a match. Each faction has its own merits and you need to choose one that suits your game style.

Age Of Empire 4 How To Break Stone Wall & Seize?

Non seize units won’t be able to deal damage to the stone wall. They can only cross the walls by building seize towers or break the walls by building battering rams. To build these you need to first build a blacksmith building and there you need to research seize engineering.

You can fit up to 8 non seize units inside the seize tower and then place that besides the opponent stone wall. The non seize units will then reach the top of the wall and attack your opponents.

The battering ram can be used to break the stone walls easily, you need need to fill the battering ram with non seize units, it can be 0/16 and will still attack the stone walls. You can also use other seize vehicles to help you break the stone wall. Try to break the stone gate to enter the settlement as after breaking there will be a bigger gap than breaking a stone wall.

Age Of Empire 4 Tips & Tricks

Scout & Capture Mines

There are four types of resources available in this game while food and wood are available easily, there is an abundance of stone and gold. Every player on the map will to trying to mine and collect as much stone and gold he can at the beginning of the game to strengthen its defense and troops. You need to use your scout at the beginning and locate all the mines near your settlement. Then try to farm the far away mine first and preserve the mines near your settlement for later use.

Advance Age Quickly

There are four ages available in this game and you need to have sufficient gold and food to advance through age quickly. Advancing through ages will grant you better troops and research. I would suggest you quickly collect food and gold at beginning of the game to reach the Feudal age to get better troops to defend against opponents.

Build Houses

Building a house increases your population, you need to have a steady balance between your builders and troops to defend the city from attacks. While you need a lot of villagers to quickly gather resources at the beginning of the game, do not forget to strengthen your defenses and increase troops.

Build Resource Outpost

Having a resource outpost near a farming, gathering, or mining area can save a lot of time for villagers and they can quickly gather resources. Mills are constructed near a farming area, while lumber yards are constructed near a forest. These resource outpost also helps in completing research that grants a boost to your villager’s gathering and movement speed.

Look For Relics

Every faction has its own religious building where you can build religious troops. These troops give a boost to your other military troops and also heal them. Only the religious troop will be able to pick up relics and bring them back to their religious building to get stats to boost. They can also convert your opponent troops only if they are holding a relic. Relics are scattered across the maps that you need to locate using a scout.

Prioritize Completing Research

There are various types of research available for different kinds of buildings. There is research to seize towers, increase gathering, farming, or mining, increase military troops stats, and much more. You need to prioritize which research you need to complete first either to quickly gather resources or increase military strength depending on the circumstance.

Use Trading Post

You can use the troop from the market to sell your resource in the trading post. Trading posts are located somewhere on the map that you need to scout first. This is one of the ways to quickly earn gold or if you are not able to find the trading post, selling on the market is also a way to earn gold if you are a lot of other resources. But make sure as you keep on selling the value in gold that you get keeps on decreasing.

Age Of Empire 4 Tips For New Online Players

If you are already winning from AI and want to try out online by competing with other players. Beware you may find some hardcore players who can defeat you instantly. But that doesn’t mean you can’t win by practicing the single-player campaign and learning some advanced tips about the game can help you survive in online matches.

Scout The Map Asap

If you are playing against other players, knowing the location of the settlement should be your first priority. This way you can expect from which direction you will be getting attacked and ready your defenses. Use your scout to locate enemy settlements.

Build Defences

The online players won’t show any mercy and will start attacking you as soon as they reach Feudal age, you need to have better defenses and a bigger military troop to defend your settlement against them. Build some horseman and horseman with archer quickly to movement advantage against your opponent if their military troops are on foot, you can easily chase and defeat them.

Find The Sacred Sites

You need to quickly locate the sacred sites using your scout to prevent the enemy from capturing them. You need to at least have one sacred site in your control to prevent the opponent from winning the match. Locate these sacred sites and make some defense buildings and keep some troops there to defend them against other players.

Stop Opponent Resource Gathering

At the beginning of the game, if you are able to quickly reach the feudal age and before your opponent. You can use better troops to stop his villagers from gathering resources. Keep harassing your opponent, but make sure not to let your troops die. To use this method you need to get a horseman, attack a bit to his villagers, then fall back. Keep building troops faster than your opponent as you are halting his resource production and then attack a medium size army to win the game.

Learn Hotkeys & Optimize resource gathering

One of the most important aspects of a real-time strategy game is how quickly you assign tasks to your troops and build them. The most efficient way is by using hotkeys to quickly assign tasks. By using this method you will be able to gather resources quickly. Make sure to keep track of which resource is going to deplete and put some more villagers to work on that particular resource. Having an outpost nearby will drastically reduce time as villagers don’t have to go back to the town center to deposit resources.

Learn About Your Troops

There are some troops who have an advantage over other troops, there are seize vehicles that are used to break walls. You need to micro-manage these troops and attack your opponent in a way to deal maximum damage and defeat his troops faster. To micro-manage your troops you can assign numbers to each troop. To assign a number press the Ctrl + number button on your keyboard. To remove the assigned number from your troops you need to deselect all the troops click on the empty land and press the Ctrl + ( the number you want to remove).

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