Riders Republic How To Get Stars Quickly And Unlock Jetpack & Wingsuit

Riders Republic is an online sports multiplayer game developed by Ubisoft, Ubisoft Annecy, Ubisoft Milan. There are various different sports available for you to participate in and showcase your achievements with the number of stars you have collected.

While roaming around the huge map, you will come across a lot of players and could see the number of stars they have earned. There are a lot of ways to earn stars in this game and earning them will unlock various gears and new tricks areas where you can show your stunts or practice them.

There will be three types of sports available for you to participate which will be on road, snow, and air. As you keep on leveling up and increasing your stars, you will get new gears such as downhill cycles, road cycles, funky cycles, snowboards, jetpacks, wingsuits, and much more.

Riders Republic Unlock Jetpack & Wingsuit Quickly

You will unlock the air sports racing after getting a jetpack and the only way to do so is to earn 30 stars quickly. To unlock the jetpack faster, I would suggest you participate in all the racing and finish them quickly, even if you don’t win you will be earning at least 1 star for each race you participate. There are various other ways to earn stars quickly that you will find below.

Riders Republic How To Get Stars Faster

Participating in any new race available on the map, you will earn at least one star after completing it. Each race has three secondary objectives that you also need to complete to earn additional stars. Now these additional objectives can sometimes be quite difficult to complete but they do provide more than one star and sometimes you can get up to 6 stars from one secondary objective.

Some other ways to obtain stars is by performing tricks on the red-marked symbols on the map. You can also unlock various landmarks to obtain a star each. There are shackdaddy challenges and stunt competitions where you need to showcase your tricks to earn stars. But the best way is to join a mass race that randomly appears on the map, these mass races are a time-limited event that keeps on appearing on the map and you need to visit the area to participate in it. You can get up to 6 stars from winning one mass race.

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