Marvels Guardians Of The Galaxy- Lipless Dialogue Choice Result

Marvels Guardian Of The GalaxyIn Marvels Guardians Of The Galaxy at Chapter 6, you will enter Knowhere after convincing your crew resulting in the separation of Rocket and Groot from your current team. You will be moving forward in order to reach Cosmo’s Security Tower. On your way you will meet Mantis and soon after that before following Drax or approaching him ahead, there will be a bar on the right side where Groot and Rocket will be visible.

This is a missable event that does not affect the storyline, so if you have entered the bar where you will meet Lipless then there are a bunch of dialogues that require correct options to be selected in order to obtain “Collector’s Emporium Ticket” that is worth 5000 units. Therefore, if you want this sweet reward and explore the emporium for free this guide will prove useful to you.

Lipless Dialogue Choice Result For Marvels Guardians Of The Galaxy

After looking at the bar’s window where Groot and Rocket would be visible, you decide to enter the bar where you will meet an unwanted unfamiliar alien “Lipless”. According to Lipless, you both had shared some intense moments as Storm Raiders.

After bluffing about how you know him, you will have to sing a song with him that is all related to the weather. The lyrics you need to select would be,

  1. Like a Hurricane
  2. Through the Rain

After completing the action, he will reward you with a “Collector’s Emporium Ticket” i.e. worth 5000 units. You can enter and watch all the exclusive items that are on display inside the Emporium. You can also purchase an exclusive doll or gift for Gamora at 2000 units. It is not recommended to spend all the units unless Drax has earned you enough during the negotiation with Lady Hellbender in the previous chapter.

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