Marvels Guardians Of The Galaxy- Sell Groot Or Sell Rocket Choice Effect

Marvels Guardian Of The GalaxyIn Marvels Guardians Of The Galaxy, after Nova Corps intercept and charges us a fine for trespassing and for illegal contraband the main issue was to earn Credit which can be resolved after they handover the monster to Lady Hellbender in this reference Groot is a monster. During the meeting, you will have to select whom to present in front of Lady Hellbender. Groot or Rocket? The next chapter or storyline will be completely altered depending on the choice which we have to make.

Sell Groot Or Sell Rocket? All Choices Result For Marvels Guardians Of The Galaxy

Selecting Groot

Initially, we selected to sell Groot and Rocket keep on insisting on picking himself instead of Groot to act as bait. Keep firm with your decision and once you reach Lady Hellbender to sell Groot, she will be quite interested in him and the units/credit can be negotiated.

Letting Drax negotiate the value will miraculously work out as Lady Hellbender is attracted to him. If Star-Lord will himself try to negotiate the value, it will backfire and only 9000 units can be earned which will be enough to pay the penalty fees. However, if Drax has negotiated the value and you support Drax, he will fetch 12,000 units. Later during the rescue mission, you will be sneaking in and facing multiple electric puzzles that are easy to solve. Save Groot and later had a combat with Dweller-In-Darkness.

Selecting Rocket

If you select Rocket, Lady Hellbender will hysterically laugh at Rocket and when the plan goes South we retaliate. The storyline will change and instead of hostage rescue, you will be breaking into lady Hellbender’s vault and stealing all the Credits that have been stored. This path will let you encounter multiple enemies and it will be filled with action as you are crawling in her sweet fort.

After stealing units which will be roughly around 10,500- 11,000 units, you will encounter Dweller-In-Darkness and i.e. the original storyline. Whether you choose Rocket or Groot it is irrelevant as Dweller has been summoned to block your escape path and defeat the might Guardians Of The Galaxy.

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