Marvels Guardians Of The Galaxy- Hide The Creature Or Tech All Choices

Marvels Guardian Of The GalaxyIn Marvels Guardians Of The Galaxy, we have been bombarded with various dialogues and choices during the expeditions with regards to the current mission or actions. It triggers the funniest conversation to and from against other characters, however, there are few major choices that can alter or affect Star-Lord including the whole crew. The very first major choice you have to make will be at Chapter 2 where Nova Corps head Ko-Rel intercepts your spaceship after raiding. There are three options apparently instead of two i.e. Hide The Creature, Hide The Tech, or do not hide anything and all the choice results are mentioned in this guide.

Hide The Creature Or Hide The Tech All Choices For Marvels Guardians Of The Galaxy

After escaping the Quarantine Zone, Nova Corps will intercept and there is not enough space to hide both Llama and Rocket’s crate of super illegal tech. There is an option provided which allow you to select either any of the option or none to surrender the item and pay a fine equivalent to the choices.

Hide The Creature

If you select this option then and choose to hide Llama instead of hiding the illegal techs then you will be penalized for 7000 units or Credits.

Hide The Tech

If you select this option then and choose to hide the illegal techs instead of hiding the Llama who is a class two biohazard then you will be penalized for 8000 units or Credits. Later the tech can be used in Chapter 9 to upgrade your spaceship’s damage.

Choose None

If you select none of the options above in a given time frame then you will be penalized for 9000 units or Credits for carrying prohibited techs and a class two biohazard in your ship.

Finally, it all comes down to selecting or not selecting any of these choices and paying heavy penalizing fees. So, select how much you want to pay according to your current choices and we will update more choices as we keep on unraveling both sides of choices for Marvels Guardians Of The Galaxy.

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