The Riftbreaker All Cheats Full List & Console Commands

the riftbreaker

The Riftbreaker is a hack & slash tower defense building game developed by Exor Studios. The cheat commands will grand your player invinciblity or invisiblity as you explore all the new areas. Below you will find all these commands and cheat lists that you can enter in the console.

The Riftbreaker Cheats List

cheat_reveal_minimap 1 – This will reveal the minimap completly

cheat_enable_debug_menu 1 – Enables the cheat menu that you can open by pressing f11.

cheat_god_mode 1 – Your character become invincible in the game

cheat_set_player_health (Amount) – Set the character health.

cheat_remove_all_units 1 – Removes all units on the map.

cheat_remove_visible_units 1 – Remove all visible units on the map.

cheat_add_all_items 1 – Add all items available in the game to your inventory.

cheat_add_resource (Resource name) (Amount) – Adds a specific resource and its amount to your inventory.

cheat_no_clip 1 – Your character can pass through rocks and other obstacles.

cheat_spawn_meteor 1 – Spawns a meteor in your area.

cheat_full_loadout 1 – Your character gets a heavy weapons loadout.

cheat_unlock_research 1 – Unlock a research.

cheat_set_player_invisibility 1 – Turn your character invisible.

cheat_build_building_on_random_spot (Building name) (Number) – This will spawn the number of  buildings at random spots.

cheat_unlimited_money 1 – Unlimited resources in the game.

cheat_minimap_teleport_on_click 1 – Press M to open the map and teleports to the postion you click on.

The Riftbreaker Console Command Lists

To use the console command you need to type them in the console. A console can be opened by pressing the ~ button on your keyboard. The list of console commands are:

r_show_fps 1 – It will show you the game fps at the corner of the screen.

r_max_background_fps (Value) – The game will run at the maximum frame per second that has been mentioned in the value.

show_flow_graph_screen – It shows the mission that is active and needs to be completed.

r_show_map_info 1 – This shows you the map information at the top left side of the screen.

debug_mission_flow 1

r_show_entity_blueprints 1 – Shows blueprint information

debug_spawn_entity (Building name) ( Y / Z / X ) – It will spawn the building at the location of the coordinates where XYZ are the coordinates and you need to enter the building name.

camera_enable_zoom 1 – It allows you to zoom on the map using the mouse wheel.

time_of_day_hour (Number) – It will change the ingame time with the number you have given.

time_factor (Number) – This will change the speed of the game depending on what speed you want. It can be 2x if you give the number 2 or halved if the input number is .5.

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