Inscryption Sliding Cabinet Puzzle Solution & How To Free Caged Wolf


Inscryption is a dark card game with puzzle and psychological horror developed by Daniel Mullins Games. As you progress in the game quite a bit in Act 1, you will be able to freely explore the cabin where you can find various puzzles that you need to solve to obtain some special cards.

These cards will help you to advance in the game plot and without the items or cards, progressing in the game can be quite hard. Below you will find how to solve the cabin sliding door puzzle and obtain the caged wolf. You need to free the wolf to obtain the wolf statue. Below you will find the solution to the sliding door puzzle and how to free the caged wolf

Inscryption Sliding Cabinet Puzzle Solution

The puzzle can be hard to understand, but once you get the hang of it, you can solve it easily. Basically, you need to deal 5 damage by arranging the cards. Each card has its own special ability that you need to know in order to solve this puzzle

1st Puzzle

2nd Puzzle

3rd Puzzle

4th Puzzle

Inscryption How To Free The Caged Wolf

Upon solving the third part of the sliding cabinet you will open it and obtain the caged wolf. You need to free the wolf to obtain an item that will help you progress in the game.

There are two ways to free the caged wolf, the first method is by sacrificing it on an altar. The second method is by letting Leshy kill the caged wolf and then surrendering the match. After that, the screen will shake and you need to get up to find the wolf statue behind Leshy.

As the card got destroyed the cage has been broken the wolf statue is free. You need to take the wolf statue and place it beside the squirrel statue on the left side of the door. The squirrel statue can be obtained by opening the fourth drawer in the cabinet.

Once you place the wolf statue you will unlock a special dagger that will help you solve another puzzle.

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