The Riftbreaker Get Clean Water, Extract From Mud & Store Them

the riftbreaker

The Riftbreaker is a hack & slash tower defense building game developed by Exor Studios. Clean water is one of the main resources that are being used by certain buildings. The most important use in this game is to power up the rift and for that, you need to use clean water.

The Riftbreaker How To Get & Extract Clean Water

You won’t find clean water on the entire planet, you need to search for Mud or sludge water and purify those water to get clean water. To purify or extract clean water you need to first build a liquid pump in the middle of mud or sludge.

Then construct a water filtering plant near the pump on the ground and connect both of them using the pipe. Once both of them are connected the mud or sludge will be transported using the pipe and will be cleaned in the water filtering plant.

The Riftbreaker How To Store & Use Clean Water

To store clean water you need to build liquid material storage and connect them with the water filtering plant using the pipe to the side from which the clean water is coming out. Now to use the clean water you need to connect the liquid material storage with the building that requires it using the pipe. You can construct multiple liquids material storage and connect them with each other to store more clean water.

Note: The geothermal plant that generates power from the geothermal vents generates mud. You can use the mud that it generates to get clean water and the area won’t fill up with mud. To run the geothermal plant you need to plant biomass and to obtain this plant biomass you need to use Riggs to destroy the flora and fauna of that area.

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