The Riftbreaker Constuct The Oribital Scanner & Unlock New Location

the riftbreaker

The Riftbreaker is a hack & slash tower defense building game developed by Exor Studios. The main resource required to construct the orbital scanner will be cobalt. Check out how to find and mine cobalt in our previous guide. But before you explore to find resources to build the orbital scanner you need to complete the research that will unlock the building for construction.

The Riftbreaker How To Construct Orbital Scanner

Research can be completed using a communication hub that you can construct after leveling up your headquarter to level 2. The orbital scanning technology will be in the 3rd row and last column of base and building technology.

Once you complete the orbital scanning technology, you need to complete the cobalt handling technology from the communication hub. This technology will be present on the 3rd row and 7th column with a drill icon. After completing this technology you will unlock the geoscanner and be able to mine cobalt.

The orbital scanner build cost is 1920 Carbonium, 1440 Ironium, and 480 Cobalt and takes up a lot of space. This building also consumes a lot of energy as -500/sec, so you need to be prepared with other sources of energy before constructing this building. The orbital scanner scans the whole planet to detect valuable resources, artifacts, and other species and allow you to rift jump to that particular location

The Riftbreaker How To Use Orbital Scanner

Once construction is completed you need to go into the building mode and select the orbital scanner and enter the middle menu. There on the left side bottom of the screen, you will find the available location where you can rift jump to gather new resources and learn about other species.

To come back to your headquarter, you need to open the main menu and select the orbital scanner from the top menu with a globe icon. There on the left side from the available location, you can select the headquarter and click on the open rift button to teleport back to your headquarters.

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