The Riftbreaker How To Find Cobalt Using Geo Scanner & Excavate It

the riftbreaker

The Riftbreaker is a hack & slash tower defense building game developed by Exor Studios. You need to find various types of minerals and resource in order to upgrade your suit and construct various buildings. In the beginning, finding these rare minerals are difficult. The first mineral in the campaign you will come across is cobalt. You need to scan the ground using a geo scanner and collect a few cobalts to build the orbital scanner. Below you will find how to find cobalt using a geo scanner and construct the excavator to mine it.

The Riftbreaker How To Find Cobalt

To use the geoscanner you need to keep holding the space button or the “X” button on the controller. Check the scanner in which way it’s been directing and once you reach near a hidden mineral, the scanner will start beeping loudly and the place will be marked.

You need to go inside the yellow circle marked on the map and use your geoscanner to locate the rare mineral. Outside the yellow marker, it will be hard to find cobalt at the beginning. Inside the marker, you will get it 100% as it is a part of the campaign. You can excavate the cobalt ore with your suit, below you will find how to construct an excavator to mine cobalt ore.

The Riftbreaker How To Mine Cobalt

To mine cobalt or any other rare mineral in this game such as Palladium, Crude uranium, or Titanium you need to research the rare element mining – level 1. This research will be on the 4th-row 8th column of the research menu.

To complete this research you need to have a communication hub level 2. Once you complete this research you will be able to construct the rare element mine. Place it above the rare minerals ore and connect it with power to auto mine minerals.

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