Metroid Dread hanubia stuck walkthrough all collectible location how to get

Metroid dread

Metroid Dread is an action-adventure platform game developed by Nintendo, Mercury Steam, Nintendo Entertainment Planning & Development. Hanubia is the final area that you need to explore a bit to get a new ability, defeat the red Chozo soldier, and find the way to reach Raven Beak.

Metroid Dread Hanubia Walkthrough

After defeating the crab boss Golunza you will reach the last area where you will get the final ability powerbomb. After reaching Hanubia using the transport pod. Take the left door from there defeat the enemies and go towards the upper platform. Pass through the pipe to the room on your right whose door you need to break with the wave beam. Enter the room where you will meet with the orange EMMI. The Metroid DNA inside Samus is awakened and will easily destroy the orange EMMI. After the EMMI has been destroyed you will obtain the power bomb.

Metroid Dread Hanubia Stuck

If you are stuck in Hanubia after getting the power bomb, you can check out our previous guide here where to go and how to reach the fortress in the sky where you need to fight with Raven Beak.

Metroid Dread Hanubia All Collectibles Location How To Get

There are three collectibles that you need to collect in this area to complete 100%. These collectibles are two missile tanks and one power bomb tank. On the image above you will find their location and below how to get them.

1st Missile Tank

The first missile tank will be on the left side room as soon as you reach the Hanubia area, this missile tank is hard to miss and you can obtain it easily by using the morph ball and bomb.

2nd Power Bomb Tank

While coming back from the after destroying the first tube using powerbomb. You will find the power bomb tank hidden on the floor. You need to use your shinespark ability after destroying the pink block using your morph ball. The door will open only from one side, so if you miss on the first try you have to again travel a bit and come back to use the shinespark ability. Use the ability from the right side room towards the left side then, enter into shinespark mode, become a morph ball, destroy the pink ball and use the shinespark ability on the floor.

3rd Missile Tank

The missile tank will be under the total recharge station, you need to use the rocket to break the red block to find the missile tank.

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