Metroid Dread Defeat Raven Beak Easily How To Dodge His Attack

Metroid dread

Metroid Dread is an action-adventure platform game developed by Nintendo, Mercury Steam, Nintendo Entertainment Planning & Development. The final boss Raven Beak has four phases which you need to survive in order to defeat him. The most difficult phase will be the third phase in which you won’t get any energy or ammo replenish. Below you will find about all four phases and how to dodge his attacks.

Metroid Dread How To Defeat Raven Beak Final Boss

1st Phase

In the first phase, he will dash attack and use his claws that you can dodge by using the space jump and get behind him. You can use the storm missile or normal missile to deal damage. You can destroy the black orb he throws at you using four missiles to gain energy and ammo. Once he fills the whole room with his energy beam, you can stick near him to avoid damage, but make sure to flash shift out soon as the beam ends, else he will attack you using his claws.

2nd Phase

In the second phase, his armor will turn golden and he won’t take any damage, you need to dodge all the attacks and wait for him to call you up in the corner. Once you reach near him you need to parry two of his attack to destroy his armor.

3rd Phase

In the third phase, he will be flying, you can use the storm missile to auto-lock the rockets to deal damage easily. In this phase, you won’t be able to recover any energy or ammo so you need to be careful and try to avoid his attacks as much as possible. You can dodge his gun beams by circling around him using your space jump. You can dodge his dash attack by sliding under him and the laser beam by using the flash shift.

4th Phase

In the fourth phase, he will be more aggressive and attack you quickly. You cannot destroy the fire orb that he sends out that floats in the air and send flame beams. You need to dodge both the fire beams and the laser beams by using a space jump. You can counter some of his dash attacks that flash when he is about to attack. In this phase, he will also be using the black orb attack that you can destroy to gain energy and ammo. Most of his attacks will be the same as phase 1 and in the end you need to counter two of his attack to end the fight.

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