Junkyard Simulator- Locate Renovation Stand

Junkyard Simulator

At Junkyard Simulator, the renovation stand is placed at another location where we have not yet visited if we are following the main quests. There are items in the junkyards that are either scraps or items that can be renovated at the renovation stand where multiple tools are waiting for the purpose. All we need to do is find the workshop or as the quest demands renovation stand and this guide is specially written for those who are having trouble locating it.

Locate Renovation Stand At Junkyard Simulator

You can press “Tab” to open the mini-map and compass that will guide you to the renovation stand location. It is located at the workshop opposite to where at Quest 3, we have located the wrecked car near the bridge. In the shed, you can store up to 20 items that can be renovated to sell at a higher price.

You can use tools that help to renovate the items and later the buyer will call up. The cars can be disassembled and the body can be renovated to increase the current value. Disassembling is tricky as all the parts are interconnected with one other by screws or other major parts of the car. Disassemble the outer part first then the inner part for example- tires screw, tires, brake pads, and so on. You can’t pull out brake pads without disassembling the tires.

Similarly, pull out the engine and exterior parts as well that can be renovated and painted to look new. For more informative guides on Junkyard Simulator, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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