Junkyard Simulator- How To Locate Mini Crusher

Junkyard Simulator

At the beginning of Junkyard Simulator, where Tutorials are given to learn how to search and locate the mini crusher. As we are not used to the virtual or live mini-map view from the top-angle, all the additional information proves to be a burden. Therefore this guide is specially written focusing on how to locate mini crusher and future expeditions.

How To Locate Mini Crusher In Junkyard Simulator

We have a compass that shows the distance you are from the quest location and a mini-map that directs you towards the current quest location. If the mini-map is hidden press “Tab” to unhide it and follow the marker. From the trailer where you started the game, Mini Crusher is located at downhill where a huge open construction site workshop is i.e. hard to miss even if you are drunk.

Go towards the panel where the mini crusher or the crane with a magnet on that can be seen. Use the panel next as per the quest and you will learn what to do with broken cars and earn scraps to exchange in the scrap market.

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