Genshin Impact- All Stone Slate Location Seven Letters Achievements

Genshin Impact

In Genshin Impact, once you complete the quest “Octave Of The Maushiro” in Tsurumi island, you will obtain a gadget “Peculiar Pinion” i.e. a feather. On that quest, you will learn how to interact with those mysterious statues and solve the mysterious puzzles on Tsurumi Island. These would be the type of puzzles you will have to solve in search for all 7 Stone Slate and complete the Achievement “Seven Letters”.

All Stone Slate Location Seven Letters Achievements For Genshin Impact

These are the locations where you can obtain the Seven Stone Slates that we need to decipher.

Shirikoro Peak

Genshin ImpactAs shown in the image above is the location of the first Stone Slate. Jump all the way down where at the corner, mysterious statue can be activated to display all the symbols on the stone. Activate the other 4 statues that will display symbols on the wall. From the nearest symbol i.e. displayed on the right where you read the tablet, activate all the symbols in sequence to reveal the Exquisite Chest and obtain the Stone Slate.

North Of Shirikoro Peak between the two hills

Genshin ImpactAs shown in the image above is where you can find the second Stone Slate. At the beach, you will have to complete an easy yet time taking puzzle. Move the statues and align them with the respective symbol drawn on the ground. After solving the puzzle, you will unlock the Exquisite Chest and collect another Stone Slate.

North Of Moshiri Ceremonial Site

Stone Slate

As shown in the image above you will find multiple mysterious statues in the same area of the cliff. Activate the statue that activates the stone symbols where you need to enter in sequence to summon Exquisite Chest. From the South, activate 5 statues that will reveal a symbol each that can be entered in the order from far to near.

Mt. Kanna

Genshin Impact

As shown in the image above travel to this location and interact with the mysterious statue placed there that will trigger the quest to obtain a Stone Plate placed in the Exquisite Chest. To complete the puzzle, you will need to follow 3 ghost orbs that will fetch you 3 Mysterious Stones.

After collecting all Mysterious Stones, return back to the statue location where you will have to place the stones in order to activate all its symbols. On the wall, 5 symbols will be displayed. From left to right, activate the symbols by hitting on the stones in sequence to reveal the Exquisite Chest that rewards a Stone Slate.

Moshiri Ceremonial Site

Genshin ImpactAs shown in the image above there would be a mysterious statue that can be activated with the use of Peculiar Pinion on the cliff. Follow the orb where it will take you to the statue that needs to be activated to reveal the markings which are needed to be entered in the stone symbols. Enter the correct sequence at your own pace and if entered correctly, the Exquisite Chest will appear that contains Stone Slate.

Wakukau Shoal

Genshin ImpactAs shown in the image above at the plains of Wakukau Shoal, you will have to activate the statue to activate the markings on the stones. This is one of the time taking puzzles as we have to push, arrange and align each symbol correctly. After aligning each stone with its identical symbols, the Exquisite Chest will be awarded from where the Stone Slate can be found.

Chirai Shrine

Stone Slate LocationAs shown in the image above, you will find the mysterious statue hidden behind the bush. Activate the statue and there is another statue not far from the first location. Climb up to the platform where the crystals are visible and near the rock, you will have to activate the statue. A switch will appear that will activate the pattern display of the sequence that you need to enter on the stone. Collect the final Stone Slate placed inside the Exquisite Chest.

After collecting all 7 Stone Slates, enter the underground cave of Chirai Shrine where all Stone Slates can be placed to decipher them and complete the “Seven Letters” achievement. After deciphering the Stone Slates it will reward you with 2 Luxurious Chests.

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