Junkyard Simulator- Wreck Transportation Locate Wrecks

Junkyard SimulatorIn Junkyard Simulator, one of the missions at quest 3 Wreck Transportation requires locating the wreck. Apart from that information, there is nothing more besides we had to locate the tow truck at the previous quest and are at garage selecting the vehicle for the job. In this quest, a complete walkthrough of Wreck Transportation and the location of wrecks are compiled altogether.

Wreck Transportation Locate Wrecks In Junkyard Simulator

The third quest as a whole is called Wreck Transportation. There are a total of 13 sub missions following the Wreck Transportation that need to be completed. The first sub-mission would be to locate the upgrade station which we have seen it already at the right side of the entrance of the mini crusher workshop. Second, use the panel to buy a tow truck upgrade at 0 cost.

The third mission needs you to return the cart where mostly all of us have struggled at some time. Learn here how to let the cart return inside the marked location here. The fourth and fifth missions require you to locate a tow truck and locate the wreck. Therefore, first instinct gets inside the tow truck and drive up to the road where the mini-map and compass are directing. Park near the car and exit from the vehicle to locate.

Select the wrecked car and then use the panel placed in the tow truck to load the vehicle or take the vehicle in for the 7th mission. Next for the 8th mission, locate and load the next wreck, follow the compass i.e. other end of the bridge. Load and deliver it back to the unloading station i.e. beside the engine removal station for the 9th mission.

From 10-13th missions, you will need to use the control panel to assign all the broken cars and remove the engine to crush both cars. Earn all the raw materials and sell them in the scrap market via “Tab”.

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