Junkyard Simulator- Reset Or Return The Cart To The Indicated Location

Junkyard SimulatorWhen all the controls for Junkyard Simulator are sinking in deep into your gamer brain, the third quest “Wreck Transportation”, 3/13 demands to Reset [R] return the cart to the indicated location which would be near to the cart. Our gamer instinct simply acts and we grab hold of the cart’s handle and shove it inside the marked location i.e. yellow colored area. Even though we are placing them inside the circle in every possible way it is still not working or functioning which seems like a bug. However, we are doing the whole thing wrong, and to clear the confusion of most of the community we presented this guide.

Reset Or Return The Cart To The Indicated Location In Junkyard Simulator

As we have mentioned earlier that shoving and pushing the cart at the indicated or marked location was wrong it is somehow the important feature and game mechanic of the game. To complete the quest, all you need to do is press “R”, and from the wheel menu select “Cart”.

After selecting Cart, navigate your mouse inside the indicated location and press “R” to relocate the cart inside. It is an important game mechanic because you can call any vehicle from your workshop to the new location with this feature. Simply press “R”, and focus on the ground where you want to call the selected vehicle to use their storage space if you find anything valuable.

You can call multiple vehicles such as heavy storage truck and small storage car with this method and fill their backpack space. Later drive any of the vehicles to the junkyard where you sell scraps and summon them to clear out storage space.

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