Junkyard Simulator- How To Sell The Scraps In Scrap Market

Junkyard SimulatorIn Junkyard Simulator, there are so many scraps all around that we would find scraps that have a higher value. We might have wondered where to sell these scraps as we have already lower inventory space from the beginning and renovation items are different and goes on to different workshop for processing. What to do with scraps and how can we sell these to earn a fortune from them, all these important questions are answered in this guide.

How To Sell The Scraps In Scrap Market At Junkyard Simulator

As we learned that workshops and features are unlocked steadily as you keep on completing the main quests. However, curiosity gets the best of us and we are here to learn how to sell the scraps or what we do with the scraps that can fetch us free money. For that first, you need to complete Quest 5 and at Quest 6, you will need to collect 27000$. It cannot be earned by simply finding renovation parts and renovating and selling those.

The easiest way is to gather valuable scraps and store them in the vehicle’s storage place. Later move to another workshop i.e. located behind the workshop where the mini crusher is located or say when the bridge ends, there is a sharp turn or diversion towards a muddy road where a workshop is located i.e., Scrap Market.

In the scrap market, use the panel and open the cage to put all the scraps including plastic, bottles, etc, and close the gate. Then press, “Add To Stock” which will shred all the scraps into the raw materials that will eventually be added into the stock exchange market inventory. Later sell at peak when the value will be high for the raw material for a handsome profit.

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