Junkyard Simulator- How To Renovate Parts And Material

Junkyard Simulator

In Junkyard Simulator, we took out engines from the broken car before processing and crushing them into scraps. However, we can’t use the parts or materials that can be renovated during an early stage of the game. In this guide, we have explained what you need to do in order to start the renovation of parts or materials and what is the process required.

How To Renovate Parts And Material In Junkyard Simulator

The workshops, shops, and various other areas are unlocked after you advance through the main quests. To unlock renovation or renovating parts, you will need to complete Quest 4: (1/4). At Quest 4: (2/4), you will need to locate the renovation stand and which will be located in the workshop opposite to the bridge from where you towed the first car.

Inside the workshop, there is a complete set of equipment that is required while renovation. No, extra cash for unlocking new advanced equipment. The quest will demand you to renovate 2 items and that can be a Bedside Table and an Engine i.e. supposed to be pulled out from the broken car. To renovate, place the item at the marked location and start using Tools. There is a total of 6 Tools as mentioned below:

  • Dirt Cleaning Tool: Brush
  • Dirt Cleaning Tool: Cloth
  • Rust Removal Tool: Sandblaster
  • Rust Removal Tool: Grinder
  • Painting Tool: Paint Sprayer
  • Paint Tool: Spray Paint

As you start renovating, the tools will be mentioned on the right side of your progress notification. Use that tools and start cleaning and if the progress is not going down to 100%, press “H”, to show Hint which will mark where places are untouched. Complete the renovation which is the fastest and most profitable way to earn money as buyers would pay extra money for it.

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