Junkyard Simulator- How To Crush The Vehicle Controls

Junkyard Simulator

In Junkyard Simulator, we learned that at the mini crusher, the location and the equipment in the workshop are suitable for crushing the cars and turn into small scraps that would be simply added to the inventory or stock market inventory. However, when you are using the crane and control panel for the first time it is quite tricky and time-consuming. So, here is the simplified guide that might help you understand all the controls and functions you need to perform in the mini crusher.

How To Crush The Vehicle Controls For Junkyard Simulator

The first thing we need is a broken car which is very easy to find. While doing the second quest, you must have a broken car with an engine. At “Unloading Station”, from “Parking Lot” move the car to the “Engine Removal Station” to remove the engine from the car. Once you have removed the car, enter the small crusher and navigate the industrial magnet on top of the metal body of the car. The controls are given below:

  • W: Lifting the magnet up
  • S: Lifting the magnet down
  • A: Moving the magnet to the left
  • D: Moving magnet right
  • Q: Moving the crane forward
  • E: Move the crane backward
  • 1: Switch to camera 1
  • 2: Switch to camera 2
  • 3: Switch to camera 3
  • 4: Switch to camera 4
  • 5: Switch to camera 5
  • 6: Switch to camera 6
  • 7: Switch to camera 7
  • P: Magnet On/Off
  • I: Tutorial On
  • X: Shredder On
  • O: Radio On
  • F: Exit

With the help of the magnet lift up the car and put it inside the loader. After placing the car into the loader, move the magnet out and press “Tab” to use Loader. Similarly, press the button as shown or press “R” for automation. After turning the car into a box of scraps, pull it out of the loader with the help of a magnet and throw it into the shredder to collect all the materials for stock exchange. Always keep the materials and keep on checking the stock market as the value of each material fluctuate rapidly.

For more informative guides on Junkyard Simulator, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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