Junkyard Simulator- Find The Computer And Browse Through Tutorials

Junkyard SimulatorIn Junkyard Simulator, the first quest required to complete was to find the minimap i.e. located by the gaming machine. The quest was straightforward however as we are new to the game it is difficult to get a grasp of everything early on. The first quest’s, third part was to find the computer and browse through tutorials. However in the midst of junk, it is quite difficult to locate the computer, therefore this guide is provided for those who are lost and require the location.

Find The Computer And Browse Through Tutorials Guide In Junkyard Simulator

We are used to watching Maps or Minimap and it worked well for both the first two quests. However, Quest 1: 3/5 (Find the computer and browse through Tutorials) was not visible in the mini-map or in Map. The problem was that the mini-map is showing us from the top-angle and the computer is placed in the shed that blocked the yellow marked area.

To locate the Computer or any task in the future, you will need to get used to the compass shown at the bottom of the screen. Press Tab to bring out the mini-map as well as Compass. Follow the yellow indicator that will lead you to the objective i.e. toward the computer. The computer was placed opposite to where the Large Map was found on top of some car’s trunk.

Interact by pressing “T” for the Tutorial and advance to complete the new quests. For more informative guides on Junkyard Simulator, keep on checking the posts frequently as we will add up more content below.

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