Far Cry 6- Guau Guau Island Chest Key Location

Far Cry 6

In Far Cry 6, at Guau Guau island in Quito, Ventura Summit we would have found a chest but unfortunately, it is locked. The key would nowhere to be found because it has been already stashed by an Amigo. The guide is compiled fairly for those who are searching for the chest’s key without any clue as to where it can be.

Guau Guau Island Chest Key Location In Far Cry 6

The chest key is related to one of the Yaran Story where you will be provided with A Mysterious Key. On the “Fetch Quest”, Chorizo will pull out all stashes that he has hidden all around before he becomes an Amigo.

Inside the camp, you will find A Mysterious Key placed inside the stash on the table. This Mysterious Key unlocks the chest placed on Guau Guau island. Unlock the chest to obtain Tier 2 Rifle “Fuck Anton”.

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