Metroid Dread How To Open Green Light Doors & Find Flashing Secrets

Metroid dread

Metroid Dread is an action-adventure platform game developed by Nintendo, Mercury Steam, Nintendo Entertainment Planning & Development. If you are stuck before a green light door before unlocking the storm missile ability you need to look for any breakable block around. Below you will find how to open those green light doors and flashing of an area means in Metroid.

Metroid Dread How To Open Green Light Doors

Green light doors are one of the obstacles that will block your way in various areas. If you don’t have the storm missile you won’t be able to unlock those doors yet. Once you get the storm missile, hold the “R” button to charge up your rockets and activate the storm missile.

Then use the free aim to aim at the green switches. You can check the number of switches that will be around the green light door by looking at the lines present on it. Once you lock all the green switches, press the Y button to launch the storm missile that will hit the green switch all at once and unlock the green light door.

Metroid Dread Map Flashing How To Find Secret Items

While moving across all 8 areas, you might sometimes notice a part of the map will be flashing. You can visit those flashing areas and use the pulse radar to find the blocks that can be destroyed to collect the secret items. These items include energy tanks, missile capacity, and energy tank parts.

You will get the pulse radar ability at the middle part of the game when you visit the Ghavoran area for the first time. To reach some of the secrets you need to have the required ability that can be used to reach them. The best possible way to collect all the secret items is by unlocking all the abilities and then visiting those flashing areas.

Note: To use the pulse radar hold the right d-pad button and once it’s fully charged release it to send out the pulse.

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