Metroid Dread How To Escape The Purple EMMI & Destroy Purple EMMI

Metroid dread

Metroid Dread is an action-adventure platform game developed by Nintendo, Mercury Steam, Nintendo Entertainment Planning & Development. You will encounter the purple EMMI first time in the Ferenia area where you need to escape from him three times. The purple EMMI can hear your suit energy movement and ability and will come rushing towards you.

You can use your shadow cloak ability to avoid getting detected but once you move again without the cloak ability, the EMMI will again hear you and start chasing. Below you will find direction on the map, where to use shadow cloak ability and escape the purple EMMI easily.

Metroid Dread How To Escape Purple EMMI

1st Encounter

The first encounter with purple EMMI can be a bit confusing on how to escape as he can hear you when you move inside the zone. Check out the above image to find where to use the shadow cloak ability and escape the EMMI easily.

The first time you use shadow cloak ability, let the EMMI cross you, and then you can run for the door. If you won’t let EMMI cross you while hanging in the spider magnet you won’t be able to reach the door. The second time you use the shadow cloak, also use the grapple beam to travel faster in water and escape the purple EMMI.

2nd Encounter

The second encounter will be rather small and you need to quickly reach the energy recharge station to refill the energy lost while using shadow cloak.

3rd Encounter

The third encounter with the EMMI can be the most difficult as the area will be long to cover and you need to find the correct ceiling spider magnet to attach and reach the end of the zone. Check out the above image where to find the spider magnet on the ceiling. You can also use the grapple beam to travel in the water faster.

Metroid Dread How To Destroy The Purple EMMI

To destroy the purple EMMI you need to first lower the elevator using the blaster on the switch. Then use the morph ball booster to reach the EMMI. Keep running towards the left side by breaking the blocks and in the end, you need to use charged plasma beam to push the block and destroy the wall.

Then climb on the right side top platform and slide under the pipe, keep going towards the left side till you have to push a power beam block. Use the charged plasma beam on the rock and you will have enough space to destroy the head exterior shield.

Destroy the shield by standing near the power beam block and once the head is destroyed, do not go up, rather keep going right to fall down on the platform below. Once you fall down repeat the upper process again to destroy the core of the purple EMMI.

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