Metroid Dread How To Defeat Drogyga The Underwater Boss In Burenia

Metroid dread

Metroid Dread is an action-adventure platform game developed by Nintendo, Mercury Steam, Nintendo Entertainment Planning & Development. To defeat the underwater boss Drogyga you need to do a certain trick, the boss will be too powerful underwater, you need to drain all the water to deal maximum damage to its core. Below you will find how to drain the water and expose the core to easily defeat the boss.

Metroid Dread How To Defeat Drogyga

To defeat Drogyga who is stronger while he is underwater, you need to first deal damage to one of its tentacles that is hooked to the ceiling. While doing so you need to avoid the orange orbs it’s been throwing. You can destroy the blue orbs using charged beams. Once you deal enough damage the tentacle holding hooked to the ceiling will be down and the spider magnet transport will be activated.

On the left side, you will find a button that will be green, you need to hit it with a charged beam to turn it into red and lower the water level. This way you can move faster to the other side using transport. On the other side also you need to do the same quickly, turn the button red by hitting it with a charged beam and all the water will be drained out.

Now the core of the boss will be exposed to that you can deal damage to. Once the boss regains consciousness, he will attack with a tentacle that you can counter to deal extra damage and regain health and ammo. Keep doing the same while dodging its tentacle attacks and orange orbs to defeat the boss easily.

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