Metroid Dread After Getting The Gravity Suit & Defeat Experiment No Z-57

Metroid dread

Metroid Dread is an action-adventure platform game developed by Nintendo, Mercury Steam, Nintendo Entertainment Planning & Development. If you are stuck on where to go after getting the gravity suit and how to defeat Experiment No Z-57, check out the guide below to help you out.

Metroid Dread Where To Go After Getting Gravity Suit

After getting the gravity suit, you need to make your way towards the transport pod that will take you to the Cataris area. There you need to find your way towards the boss room Experiment No Z-57.

Experiment No Z-57 is a powerful X that is blocking the routing of thermal energy from Cataris. You need to visit Cataris and use the morph ball speed force to reach the boss area.

Metroid Dread How To Defeat Experiment No Z-57

Experiment No Z-57 has three types of attacks and an attack pattern that you need to remember and dodge. The first attack is the beam, he attacks twice with the beam on the floor. Once the first beam ends, quickly dash your way towards the one clear area on the floor and then use storm missiles. After that, you need to dodge its claw that will attack you twice, once from the left and the other from the right. You can use your space jump to avoid getting hit by the claw.

The second attack will be the beam from the left or right side, you need to stand close to its mouth to avoid the beam hitting you. Once the beam ends, there will be a flash and it will attack you with its head, you need to quickly use the counterattack to parry and deal damage while regaining some energy.

The third attack will be the wind gushing towards you from the right side. You need to keep the left analog towards the right side the whole time to not get close to the left side wall as it will be filled with poison. Keep doing single and double jumps to avoid the beams from the right side.

At one point in time, it will spread four legs around the room and tries to lock onto you to deal damage. You need to move around and use the storm missile to break its legs and obtain ammo and energy. Keep dodging all the abilities and use storm missiles to deal maximum damage and defeat Experiment No Z-57.

Note: Make sure you have at least 5-6 energy tanks and enough missile capacity to defeat the boss.

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