Far Cry 6- High Supply Treasure Hunt Walkthrough Guide

Far Cry 6

In Far Cry 6, “High Supply” Treasure Hunt at Lozania, Palma Forest rewards you with 150 Exp and a Tier 2 “M16 A1” rifle after reaching the airdrop. After reading the note of perseverance you can start the mission and start climbing the hill. In this post, we have compiled all the actions you need to perform in order to complete the current Yaran Story.

High Supply Treasure Hunt Walkthrough Guide In Far Cry 6

Start climbing and use grapple 2 times in a continuation. Soon, you will reach the mouth of the cave where you will slide down to reach the ground. Use the grapple to lift yourself up and climb the wall.

Here, you will face a big ditch that cannot be crossed by normal jumping. On your left side, there would be edges to climb. Climb and jump on another side to grab hold opposite edges. Repeat this parkour one more time and climb up.

Jump down and grapple 2 times in a succession to lead out of the cave. Break the grass and climb up to use another grappling hook to climb again. Ultimately, you will reach the location and find an orange-colored net holding rocks. Break it to create a path and move forward to interact with high supply and earn rewards.

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