Far Cry 6- GDP Oil Platform Weapon Chest Location And Gain Access

Far Cry 6

In Far Cry 6, you will visit the GDP Oil Platform during a mission and there we might notice that there is a weapon chest inside the vicinity. The problem is that while moving towards the position where the weapon chest is placed, you will find that there is nothing rather some containers. Well, the chest which we all are looking at is placed inside the container that cannot be obtained by any ruthless method or blowing things off but rather operating it sophistically from the control panel. In this guide, we have explained what you need to do in order to collect the Weapon Chest and add another great weapon to your Arsenal.

GDP Oil Platform Weapon Chest Location And Gain Access In Far Cry 6

Once you have reached the top where the weapon chest is placed inside the container, on its right there would be a zipline that will take you down to where the control panel is placed inside the control room. Interact with the button inside the room that will operate a crane and lift up the container that will be blocking its entrance.

Make your way back up to enter the container and collect the Tier 3 Shotgun “Supercharger” placed inside the chest and other materials. It is one of the best shotguns that can make your life easier while fighting against the soldiers in close proximity. It is recommended to collect this weapon when you visit the GDP Oil Platform for the first time. If you are up for more informative guides on Far Cry 6, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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