Far Cry 6- Cache Money Treasure Hunt Walkthrough & Find Sobek Special

Far Cry 6

In Far Cry 6, at Aguas Lindas, Oasis Plains there is a Treasure Hunt near Nogal River i.e. “Cache Money”. The note will indicate at the beginning that a unique weapon is placed in the cache inside bunker 2. We need to add and unlock weapons which is more important than the Exp gained. Therefore in this post, we have mentioned all the steps that you need to perform in order to complete the mission and obtain the FND Cache.

Cache Money Treasure Hunt Walkthrough For Far Cry 6

Instead of standing near Bunker, climb on top of the headquarters roof where all the power cables would be present that you need to trip. Interact with the button that will briefly open the bunker’s door.

During the brief moment, shoot the barrel to blow everything inside. The impact of the explosion will open up the passage. From there everything is simple, just advance forward until you reach the final room where the door will be locked that requires a key. To gain access to the Officer’s Room, you will need the key placed inside the cage. Break the lock and collect the key to use it on the door.

Inside Officer’s Room, there is nothing but a TV placed on a table playing some channel. Under the table, there is a switch that will open up the secret passage where the Tier 3 Sniper Rifle “Sobek Special” is hidden.

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