Far Cry 6- All Amigos Location And How To Unlock All Pets Or Companion

Far Cry 6

In Far Cry 6, Guapo the Alligator will be unlocked and can support you in your expeditions. However, there are other Amigos which we can unlock after completing specific tedious tasks to befriend them. In this guide, we have compiled all the information you need to unlock all Amigos and where they can be found.

All Amigos Location And How To Unlock All Pets Or Companion In Far Cry 6

Excluding Guapo and deluxe edition bonus, there is a total of 4 more Amigos or animal companions that you can find and befriend to accompany you wherever you go.


After Guapo, Chorizo is listed that can be unlocked at Costa Del Mar, Mogote Foothills near your camp. The Yaran Story will be available i.e. “Who’s A Good Boy?” Pet Chorizo, the cute puppy to accept and track the quest to find and feed Chorizo some crocodile meat.

The location will be given in the note i.e. Costa Del Mar, Serpentino Park below Cortina River near the bank. Feed the meat to Chorizo after hunting the Crocodile. After completing the previous quest and feeding Chorizo, Pet him again to accept another Yaran Story i.e. “Fetch Quest”. Simply follow Chorizo to the place where he will dig and give you the “Chorizo’s Tag” charm.


At Sierra Perdida, Vacia Coast near Alvarez Farm there is a Yaran Story “Man’s Best Enemy”. Talk to Reinaldo and accept the quest. Follow Chicharron who is surprisingly strong that breaks down the wooden doors, however, the rooster will still need your help to destroy the files.

The files will be present on the ground as well as on the top floor. The white-colored file that has FND symbols all over shelves and drawers is your current target that needs to be destroyed. Destroy the files quickly unless you want to fight soldiers endlessly.

Boom Boom

At Balaceras, Cienaga Nublada National Park head to the Guirrella Camp “Camp Maximas”. You will find a note opposite to the Crocodile Statue stuck on the wooden pole beside the pathway. Read the Note that informs a weapon shipment has been diverted to Feroza and from inside the shipping container, there is intel that says the men heard barking noise.

Move to Balaceras, Diamante Lakes to Feroza. Complete the mission “Boom Or Bust” by finding the light blue McKay shipping container at the origin of train tracks that go North. Open the container and save Boom Boom to add him to your Amigo list.


Complete Triada Blessings Yaran Story that requires completing and possession of all 3 Triada Relics that we have mentioned in our earlier posts. Bring all 3 Triada Relic to open a secret passage where you will obtain Stealth Supremo and La Varita Rifle. Shoot the shadows of the cat and after a while revive the ghost-feline and unlock all Amigos.

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