Metroid Dread Stuck After Getting Spin Boost Where To Go Map Location

Metroid dread

Metroid Dread is an action-adventure platform game developed by Nintendo, Mercury Steam, Nintendo Entertainment Planning & Development. In this you most of the time you need to backtrack your way towards a certain area once you get new abilities to open up more pathways. If you are stuck after getting the spin boost in Ghavoran, the below guide and image will help you where to go.

Metroid Dread Where To Go After Spin Boost

After returning from Elun you will get the spin boost ability. With the spin boost, you will be able to jump twice and reach platforms that are quite far to reach with a single jump. Once you get the spin jump you need to go towards the Central Unit.

Reach till the middle area where you need to double-jump your way towards the top left side door as shown in the image above. From there you will be chased by blue EMMI that you need to dodge and make your way towards the extreme left side of the map where you will find water and a path towards the top.

Use the path by using spin boost on the petals to reach the top and from there use the pipe to drop down beside the central unit door. Enter the door and you will reach the central unit room whom you need to destroy to obtain the Omega cannon.

Note: While making the jump on the petals on the extreme left side of the map you will meet a hornet-like creature that you need to destroy before jumping on flowers. The flowers are extremely sensitive and will close once you touch them. So you need to quickly make your way towards the top.

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